Fremont Officials Seek Answers And Take Action On Issues With NIPSCO
Friday, August 19, 2022

FREMONT, IN - Town officials and residents in Fremont are tired of the "red tape" run around in a utility issue with NIPSCO.

The Fremont Town Council met this week to discuss how to handle the natural gas supply shortage.

Frustrated residents and business owners came to give their opinions and work toward a plan of action with NIPSCO. They are navigating plans as to how to handle the development discrepancies due to NIPSCO’s control over the natural gas supply.

Several ideas were bounced around as to how to manage the issue. Officials, along with those residents affected, are exploring many courses of action and moving forward.

Attorney Kurt Bachman has been working with a larger law firm in Indianapolis. The hops is to next submit a formal complaint against NIPSCO to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.