Angola High School Students Sent Home Wednesday After Lint Trap Fire
Thursday, January 13, 2022

ANGOLA, IN - Students at Angola High School were sent home Wednesday morning after a fire started in a lint trap.

Before being sent home, students were sent to the school gym as fire officials assessed damage from a lint fire that broke out in a dryer at the school. Materials from a fire extinguisher used in fighting the fire reportedly contaminated food in the cafeteria.

As a result of the contamination, school officials said they would not be able to serve the students lunch.

Students were instructed to contact their parents or guardians. They were then released to a parking lot near the gym where they had been gathered throughout the morning.

All students were reportedly safe, and school officials said they did “an excellent job” evacuating the building and following instructions.

The call came in after 8 a.m. Crews from Angola and Fremont fire departments responded.

Also responding at the scene was at least one member of the Steuben County Health Department due to the food contamination issue.