Site Plan Review Approved For Sturgis Bowl Building
Wednesday, July 21, 2021

STURGIS – A site plan has been approved for the former Sturgis Bowl building.

Tuesday night, the Sturgis Planning Commission was presented with the proposed site plan by Sturgis Retail Management LLC, who explained that they would develop the property into three businesses. One would be an urgent care medical office, with a connection to Aspen Dental. The other two buildings also look to be filled. One is projected to be a Starbucks Coffee shop. The other will be split between a retail space and for a drive through sandwich shop/restaurant.

The plan calls for the Sturgis Bowl building to be knocked down and the three new buildings constructed on the site. The Planning Commission unanimously approved the site plan. City officials say Sturgis Retail Management LLC can move forward with their next steps.