LaGrange County Drainage System A Concern
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

LaGrange County’s drainage system is wearing out and lacks the money for repairs. That was the message from new County Surveyor Zach Holsinger to county council members on Monday.

He said the county’s General Drainage Index fund only has $48,000 available. Just one drainage project would wipe out what remains and not leave any cushion for emergency repairs if needed.

Holsinger said the county funded the GDI fund with 200-thousand dollars back in the 1970’s. In today’s dollars that would equal around $640-thousand. He noted Noble County funded its GDI at $675-thousand with about $400-thousand currently available for projects.

Another option would be to do as Elkhart County does and tax each parcel in the county a set amount to fund drainage. Council didn’t like the idea of landowners who don’t have drainage problems footing the bill for those that do.

They agreed to seek a source of funding to bring the GDI back up to $200-thousand dollars and then advertise an additional appropriation for next month.