Under Governor Holcomb, Indiana Named Second Best State for Drivers
Saturday, January 23, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS - The personal finance website WalletHub recently named Indiana the second best state in the nation for drivers. Indiana ranked second to Texas in overall driver experience.

In recent years, Governor Holcomb and the Republican-led General Assembly have focused on improving Indiana’s infrastructure. In 2017, Governor Holcomb signed into law the largest infrastructure investment bill in state history. This remains the only long-term, fully funded state roads and bridges plan in the country and allows Indiana to maintain and improve current roadways, finish ongoing projects, and be prepared to address future state infrastructure needs.

Governor Holcomb’s Next Level Connections Program leveraged the lease of the Indiana Toll Road to accelerate the completion of I-69 from Evansville to Indianapolis, improve interchanges on US 31, make improvements to Highways 20 & 30, and clean up the state’s highways. Additionally, Governor Holcomb championed and signed a hands-free law that takes aim at decreasing the number of distracted driving related accidents in Indiana. Since the law went into effect, collisions have gone down 12% on Indiana roadways. That’s’ 422 fewer collisions, fewer injuries, and fewer expenses for Hoosier motorists.