School Bus Task Force In Northern Indiana
Monday, October 21, 2019

Lagrange County is vamping up a task force to stop motorists from passing school buses while the lights and stop arms are deployed. Officials from the county say that even with the increase in patrol, it has not stopped travelers from passing stopped buses which is a great concern for parents and law enforcement. In April, Indiana State Police reported almost 2,600 motorists across the state passed legally stopped school buses on a single day.

All of this comes in the wake of the guilty verdict given out this past week in the case of Alyssa Sheppard, where she took the life of three children who were waiting on their bus.

On Wednesday, officers from around Lagrange and Steuben County will set out with local school buses to patrol roads in their respective counties. Indiana law enforcement, and Lagrange County law enforcement say this is a "high priority" and is to be taken seriously.

The law is simple in which unless a road is divided by a large median such as a broad grass strip, all traffic in both directions is required by law to stop for a bus whose red lights are activated and whose stop arm is deployed to allow children to safely get on or off their bus.