Bronson Schools Searching For Superintendent
Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Bronson Board of Education has started their search for a
new Superintendent.

During their meeting Monday, the Board heard a presentation from Bismont Galiash from the Michigan Associaton Of School Boards, who will be helping Bronson find their next Superintendent.

Galiash says the first thing is getting a time line set. That means setting
dates for when the Board wants to hold interviews and selecting candidates for
interviews. Galiash helped Bronson Schools in their last search two years ago, which saw the District receive 30 applicants. Galiash says he is not sure Bronson will see that many applicants this time around, based on some recent searches he helped with. He is confident that Bronson will see some good candidates.

The Bronson School Board said they want to get the job posted and start getting
resumes in. They voted to have the application period close November 8. They are
hoping to have their new Superintendent hired and on the job by early January.

Current Superintendent Rick Hilderly announced that he took the job of Superintendent for the Tecumseh School District. Bruce Caswell will serve as the interim Superintendent for Bronson.