Northwest Ohio Candy Company Wins Trademark Case
Friday, March 15, 2019

Spangler Candy based in Bryan, Ohio has won a trademark case against a major competitor.

A federal judge agrees with Spangler Candy in a trademark case against Tootsie Roll Industries. Spangler claimed Tootsie Rolls mislead consumers by copying some of the packaging of a Spangler product.

A a preliminary injunction has been approved approved by the court.

The claim came when new package design for bags of 300 Charms Mini-Pops from Tootsie Roll Industries resembled Spangler packaging. Spangler alleged it was a direct copy of Spangler’s bag of 300 Dum Dums.

Court reports indicate the bench decided Tootsie Roll’s lack of any market research regarding packaging at that time was a major factor in the case ruling favoring determination for Spangler.