Term Limit Debates Leading To Controversy In Ohio
Friday, February 21, 2020

A proposed constitutional amendment would set strict 16-year limits on legislators serving in the Ohio House or Senate. The group, Ohioans for Legislative Term Limits filed signatures and a petition with Attorney General Dave Yost on Thursday with a goal of placing the the amendment on the November 3rd ballot.

The organization wants to close a loophole in current term limits law that has allowed multiple legislators to jump back and forth between the House and Senate after serving the current eight-year limit in each chamber.

If approved, the 16-year limit would not begin until January 1st, 2021, allowing current legislators, such as House Speaker Larry Householder, to serve through 2037 instead of being forced out by current term limits in 2025.

Critics have stated they feel term limits have given more power to lobbyists and the governor’s office.